East Wind Tabernacle: Guiding Hearts with the Gospel Truth

We'll guide you on a transformative journey of spiritual discovery, where you will uncover the profound depths of your purpose and embrace the boundless wellspring of hope and joy that the gospel brings.

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You are invited to come join us in faith and fellowship. We extend a warm embrace to all seeking a spiritual home, and we are excited to share in the journey of worship and community with you.  

Weekly Services

Sunday Service: 12pm – 2pm

East Wind Tabernacle, Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Rd, Solihull, B91 3RQ,

Prayer has the power to heal the soul​

Prayer, is a symphony sung within our hearts, the beacon of hope that guides our thoughts, and the soul’s harmonious melody. With prayer, we navigate the tempests of life, unearthing boundless joy. Join us in prayer. Uncover the power that lies within you, ready to be set free.

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Living a Life of Holiness

True follows of Christ understand that the call to holiness echoes as a profound melody, inviting believers to embody the purity and righteousness exemplified by the Apostles

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