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We are the East Wind Tabernacle Apostolic Church

Pastor Mark of East Wind Tabernacle Church, preaching


Pastor Mark M Daley and the first family would like to thank you visiting the East Wind Tabernacle website.

The vision of launching a church named “East Wind Tabernacle” church of Jesus Christ Apostolic was given to Mark by God. In a dream God bestowed upon Mark a vision coming out of the ground not far from Birmingham Airport, God said build a ten thousand-seater edifice, Mark said to God how do I build a building with no people?

God said to him you just have to have the mind to build and I will send the people.

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The Church

As an Apostolic Church, our faith is grounded exclusively in the Word of God. We do not subscribe to any other creeds or traditions outside of the Holy Scriptures.


We look to the scriptures every day in our lives to guide us. It’s within the scriptures that we are able to discover the righteous path in life and the path to salvation.

Our Mission

Our mission is the win souls and grow disciples with faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Leaders

Pastor Mark Daley

Pastor Daley is the leader of the church

Pastor Mark Daley

Evangelist Michelle Daley

Michelle Daley is Mark’s wife and leads the women’s ministry.